Roll the Dice
Roll the Dice
This fun yet basic game is perfect for those looking to try something new and exciting at online casinos.

Roll the Dice Casino Game

Roll the Dice Casino Game
Roll the Dice Casino Game

The name of the game might be translated as «Roll the Dice,» but it’s more commonly known as Hoo Hey or Fish-Prawn-Crab. Roll the Dice is a traditional gamble with a beautiful design from Evoplay Entertainment. Players make wagers (over/under) on the outcome of a pair of dice roll in this Instagram game. Roll the Dice also has a risk game where players may double their winnings after each successful bet. The game begins as soon as a player puts an initial bet and selects an over/under result for the roll. Risky outcomes have higher odds, according to the game. In ‘Bets’ section, Roll the Dice provides game statistics, while ‘Auto play’ mode enables automatic play.

Roll the Dice Game Rules

The Roll the Dice game is simple to understand and play. The three dice feature seven characters that may be gambled on. To play, you must wager on the squares you like and roll the dice. If one of your character choices appears on any of the three dice, you win money. It’s as easy as that! You have a choice of any of the following symbols.

How to Play Roll the Dice Game Online

It’s simple to get started with Roll the Dice. Follow these three easy steps to get playing and, who knows, you might win money!

Find Roll the Dice Game

Visit our suggested online casinos and go to the table games area for Roll the Dice. Play begins by revealing the dice beneath a virtual bowl that you can no longer see.

Place Your Bets on the Symbols

Make a deposit and pick your wager based on the available restrictions, which range from $1 to $500. On the display, you’ll see a list of betting options.

Roll the Dice!

After you’ve placed your wager, roll the dice by clicking the bowl. The dice will vibrate as they shake, and the results will be displayed, hopefully giving you a winning outcome!

Roll the Dice Casino Betting Game
Roll the Dice Casino Betting Game

Roll the Dice Game Payouts

Roll the Dice is a simple Asian-themed casino game with generous payouts. There are seven bets to choose from, one for each symbol as well as a three of a kind.

Knowing the payouts might assist you in determining how much money you stand to gain. In most games, the following is a list of typical payouts:

One matching symbol1:1
Two matching symbols2:1
Three matching symbols3:1
Any triple30:1

Roll the Dice Game Strategy

There is no one right way to play Roll the Dice. You can play the game two different ways. Some people like to shake the dice hard when it is their turn, while others prefer to shake gently. See what works best for you and hope for a triple to win a 30:1 payout!


The Roll the Dice is a fun and simple casino game that may be enjoyed by people of all skill levels. With a high RTP and some generous payouts, it’s well worth giving this game a go!

The game of Rolling the Dice is a fun, simple game that online casino players can play to pass the time. The game is easy to comprehend and play, which provides it with a certain appeal. We suggest Roll the Dice for novices to intermediates who like dice games or want a short mental vacation from reality, with the potential to win money prizes.


How do I play Roll the Dice?

To play Roll the Dice, you bet on the squares you like and roll the dice. If your character selection shows up on any of the three dice, you get paid.

What is the RTP of Roll the Dice?

The RTP of Roll the Dice is 96%.

What is the highest payout in Roll the Dice?

The highest payout in Roll the Dice is 30:1 for a triple.

How do I win at Roll the Dice?

There is no guaranteed way to win at Roll the Dice, but you can try shaking the dice hard when it's your turn to shake.

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