Dice Duel
Dice Duel
The simplest and most enjoyable methods to bet on a live broadcast dice game are with the dealer tossing two dice for each roll in Dice Duel. Betting on value, odd/even, color, and more is possible.
  • Easily understandable
  • Game speed and seamless gameplay
  • Fullscreen mode enhances interactivity
  • RTP is slightly below average at 98%
  • 2% House Edge is a little higher than some other casino games

Dice Duel Online Game

Dice Duel is a simple yet thrilling live dice game created by Betgames, a leading provider of online casino games. Players bet on the outcome of a dice roll between a red die and blue die conducted live by a presenter. With easy to understand rules, fast-paced action, and multiple betting options, Dice Duel provides an engaging experience for both new and seasoned players.

How To Play

Dice Duel Review

The objective is to correctly predict the result of each dice roll. There are three main bet types:

Numbers: Wager on specific numbers appearing on either or both dice. You can also bet on dice color – red or blue.

Odd/Even: Bet on whether the combined number of pips on both dice will be odd or even.

Totals: Bet on whether the total number of pips is over or under 7.

To play:

  1. Select your desired bet type and wager amount.
  2. Click ‘Place Bet’. Your potential payout is automatically calculated.
  3. If you win, earnings are instantly credited. You can collect winnings or keep playing.

There are 13 potential outcomes in each round:

  • Red die wins
  • Blue die wins
  • Draw (both dice show the same number)
  • Combined pips odd
  • Combined pips even
  • Total under 7
  • Total over 7
  • Number on first die is 1
  • Number on first die is 2
  • Number on first die is 3
  • Number on first die is 4
  • Number on first die is 5
  • Number on first die is 6

The minimum bet is 1 credit while the maximum payoff on any wager is 10,000 credits.

Dice Duel Live Game
Dice Duel Live Game

Key Attributes


The basic premise revolves around betting on a dice roll, an idea even first-time gamblers can easily grasp. No complex rules or extensive knowledge needed – just pick your preferred bet type and wager amount.


Each round only lasts a minute or two, allowing for a seamless, fast-paced gaming experience. New rolls occur frequently so you won’t be left waiting long in between rounds.

Fullscreen Mode

An immersive fullscreen mode increases dynamism and interactivity. Players can view the action up-close and clearly see bet options.

Combination Bets

You can combine various bet types into one wager. For example, bet on a specific number appearing while also wagering on the total being odd or even. Allowing combination bets opens up more strategic possibilities.

Constant Action

With rolls occurring continually in quick succession, the activity remains constant. No long gaps between rounds leads to sustained excitement.

Multiple Outcomes

Having 13 potential results on every roll gives players more flexibility when betting compared to simpler games with fewer outcomes. More choice lets gamblers hone in on preferred betting angles.

How to play Dice Duel

Where To Play

Dice Duel is featured at leading online casinos and cryptocurrency betting sites, including:

  • OneHash: 30 free spins and 100% deposit match up to 1 BTC
  • Cloudbet: 5 BTC new player bonus
  • FortuneJack: 110% match up to 1.5 BTC and 250 free spins
  • mBitcasino: 110% match up to 1 BTC and 300 free spins
  • Playamo: Up to €$1500 matched and 150 free spins
  • Betchain: 200% match up to 1 BTC or €$200 plus 200 free spins

For the ultimate convenience, mobile apps enable playing Dice Duel anywhere with a smartphone or tablet and internet connection.

House Edge

Dice Duel contains a 2% house edge across all wagers, apart from the red/blue die wins and draw bets which hold no edge. This means the house expects to keep 2% of total bets placed over time. Compared to many other casino offerings, this relatively low house advantage gives bettors a good chance to come out ahead.

An average game RTP (return to player) of 98% also favors the player – for every $100 wagered, $98 is paid back out as winnings over time.

Betting with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency deposits allow enjoying Dice Duel anonymously while avoiding banking fees and inconvenient processing delays. Leading sites accept various coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.

When betting crypto, no house edge applies so gamblers face equal odds against the house. And decentralized digital currencies permit playing from anywhere globally by simply connecting to the internet.

How to win Dice Duel

Strategy and Tips

While Dice Duel revolves around randomness, there are strategic steps to raise your prospects:

  • Check the historical statistics – Viewing past round results can reveal betting trends and outcomes that occur more frequently.
  • Analyze probability percentages – Understanding the exact odds and probabilities for each wager places the math in your favor.
  • Target higher probability bets – Wagers like the red/blue die wins offer a probability of 50%, substantially better than correctly guessing a specific number at 16.67%.
  • Manage your bankroll – Set a gambling budget and wager sensible amounts based on it to avoid fast depletion.
  • Take advantage of combination bets – Combining multiple outcomes into a single bet lowers risk and enhances potential payouts.
  • Quit while you’re ahead – Collect earnings and stop playing after an especially positive run. Don’t risk losing a healthy profit margin.

While no perfect strategy promises guaranteed wins, following these tips will significantly boost your chances.

Dice Duel Demo

Unlike many other casino games, there is no standard demo version available for Dice Duel. This is primarily because it is a live dealer game, which means it unfolds in real time, involving a human dealer and live interactions, making a demo version impractical.

However, for those interested in familiarizing themselves with Dice Duel before diving into actual betting, there is a convenient alternative. Prospective players can simply watch a game stream at an online casino. This approach allows you to observe the gameplay, understand the rules, and get a feel for the game’s dynamics without any financial commitment. By watching live sessions, you can also pick up strategies and tips from other players and dealers, which can be beneficial when you decide to play the game yourself.

Pros of Playing Dice Duel

  • Very simple rules and gameplay suitable for all skill levels
  • Exciting and fast-paced dice rolling action
  • Fullscreen mode allows immersive experience
  • Combination bets add complexity for seasoned gamblers
  • Favorable 2% house edge and 98% RTP
  • Live presenter conducting rolls in real-time
  • Available for desktop and mobile play
  • Leading casinos offer attractive welcome bonuses
  • Cryptocurrency deposits possible with no house edge

Cons of Playing Dice Duel

  • Still includes decent house advantage across most bets
  • Each round concludes quickly which may frustrate some
  • Requires steady betting pace which can become tiring over long sessions
  • Possible to lose bankroll rapidly by chasing losses

BetGames Dice Duel Live Results and Statistics

The live Dice Duel results and statistics can be found on our or the BetGames website. This is very useful for those wanting to check their previous performance or to learn more about the game.

The BetGames Dice Duel live statistics show that the house edge is 2%. This means that, on average, the house will win 2% of all bets placed. The RTP (return to player) is 98%. This means that, on average, players will get back 98% of all the money they bet.

Final Verdict

Boasting straightforward rules paired with non-stop, engaging entertainment, Dice Duel warrants consideration for casual and serious bettors alike. Quick rounds prevent boredom while the ability to combine bets satisfies advanced players. Accessible on desktop or mobile at reputable platforms, reasonable house edge rates, and optional crypto deposits further bolster the offering’s appeal. For those seeking a lively dice rolling experience alongside multiple avenues for earning cash, Dice Duel undoubtedly warrants a spot on the shortlist.


What is Dice Duel?

Dice Duel is a live casino game from Betgames involving betting on a dice roll between a red and a blue die. The presenter rolls the two dice and players bet on the outcome.

How do I win at Dice Duel?

There is no surefire way to guarantee a win. However, betting on outcomes with the highest probability, like red/blue win (50%), serves as a good strategy. Checking statistics and understanding the odds for each bet type also helps enhance win chances.

Сan I play Dice Duel with cryptocurrency?

Yes, top cryptocurrency casinos provide the option to wager with digital coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more. When playing with crypto, all wagers become even odds with no house edge.

Is there an optimum Dice Duel strategy?

The best strategy revolves around making combination bets that merge different outcomes, analyzing probabilities to target options with the highest chance of occurring, and managing your bankroll wisely.

Where can I play Dice Duel online?

Reputable online casinos like OneHash, FortuneJack, Playamo, and Betchain feature Dice Duel alongside attractive welcome bonuses and promotions.

Is Dice Duel available on mobile?

Yes. Many top casinos offer a mobile site or dedicated app allowing convenient Dice Duel play directly on your smartphone or tablet.

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