Fighter is a new multiplayer game by Onlyplay, built on explosive mechanics. In Fighter, you won't find complex rules, intricate plot, and distracting unnecessary details.

Onlyplay is an instant Win Games provider. We create unique games with love, passion and intellect.

Year founded: 2007

Developed games:  25+

Main Genres: Animals, Classics, Pyramids, Adventures, Pharaohs

Games type: Slots, Table games, Lotteries

Main office: Vilnius, Lithuania

Social networks:

About the producer:

Onlyplay is a games developer that was first established back in 2007. This developer has a strong focus on instant win games development and their catalog is filled with unique and interesting games. Many of the Onlyplay games are popular with players around the world, especially those looking for something different from the usual slots.

Alongside the long list of Onlyplay slots online, this developer has a range of other products including an RNG platform, a unique game module and a high-performance B2B service.  This cloud-ready developer is certainly making waves in the industry right now.

Types of games:

The Onlyplay slots site has a clean design and is very easy to navigate. Not only do you get to learn more about why this company is the perfect choice for a platform, but you also get a glimpse into the games that they offer. Details of their licenses and affiliate partners appear on the site to showcase just how popular this developer is.

From the get-go it is clear that Onlyplay games follow the instant win format in most products that they create. The games have a variety of themes but with a similar art style. They use bold colours and clean cartoon-like graphics to bring their characters to life. These are the kinds of games that you would easily find at the best online casinos.

The games from Onlyplay that we tried were compatible with mobile devices such as Samsung Android phones, iPhones, and other platforms, and that comes as no surprise. This developer might have started creating games back in 2007 but it is clear that if you want to make it now, you need to be creating optimised games. Due to the simple instant win format, the games worked seamlessly on our mobile devices. This is something that we have come to expect from developers.

It is clear that this brand is striving to become an industry leader with new products that benefit both players and operators. Their RNG platform provides a service that can be used with more than just the Onlyplay games. Additionally, their OWidget allows operators to increase their total profit by up to 10%, according to the website. It won’t be long before their products are used by a range of companies across the industry.

Features and benefits:

Over recent years, developers have been focusing their efforts on classic slots machines rather than instant wins or scratch cards. However, with companies like Onlyplay creating excellent games like those in their catalog, this could change soon enough. The graphics used in these games are sleek and the themes are different from what we have seen before, such as those used across the Amatic slots range, or SkillOnNet slots, for example.

This developer already has a long list of games and some excellent products that cater to operators who want to maximise profit. We highly recommend that you try out some of the Onlyplay slots online to see what you think. Keep an eye out for Onlyplay as this company is growing each day.

Top 3 reasons to choose us:

  1. Various mechanics and types of games. Our games involve a wider audience attracting new and experienced players
  2. Crypto friendly games supporting all currencies and tokens
  3. Increase retention and return to play. We implement gamification that creates players’ additional entertainment and interaction.


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