Space XY
Space XY
It's time to soar to heavenly heights with BGaming! Getting incredible wins when you fire the rocket into space means it's time to go! Space XY is a simple but compelling game. Don't put it off any longer: join an adrenaline rush to the stars and make your money.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Space XY is designed to work seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices, allowing for gaming on the go.
  • Engaging Gameplay: The game's unique crash-style mechanics offer an exciting and dynamic gaming experience.
  • Provably Fair Technology: Space XY uses cryptographic techniques to ensure fair and random game outcomes, enhancing player trust.
  • Wide Accessibility: Available at numerous online casinos, making it easy for players to find and play.
  • Learning Curve: New players might need some time to understand the game mechanics and strategies.

Space XY Crash Game Review

Space XY is a space-themed online casino game that has quickly become a fan favorite since its release in January 2022. Developed by leading provider BGaming, this innovative crash game offers stunning visuals, straightforward gameplay, and the chance to win big payouts.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Space XY game – from how to play and key features to tips, strategies, and the best casinos to play for real money. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the ropes or a seasoned player seeking the top Space XY casinos, you’ll find insightful information here. So let’s blast off!

Space XY Review

About BGaming Software Provider

BGaming, established in 2018, is a dynamic and rapidly expanding software company specializing in online gaming. Their expert team has created an extensive array of over 100 games, encompassing crash games, various online and video slots, card games, and lotteries. The company stands out for its versatility in handling a range of currencies, including traditional fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and virtual currencies used in social casinos across the globe.

One of their notable creations is the crash game Space XY, which highlights BGaming’s commitment to player satisfaction. This commitment is evident in their approach to include real players in the game testing and feedback loop. Furthermore, BGaming integrates Provably Fair technology in its games. This technology uses cryptographic methods to ensure that every game outcome is both random and fair, reinforcing player trust and game integrity.

🎰 Release DateJanuary 13, 2022
🤖 ProviderBgaming
💰 Minimum Bet$ 0.1
💸 Maximum Bet$ 1,000
❌ Maximum Multiplier10000 x
💎 VolatilityHigh
📈 RTP99.00%

How To Play Space XY Crash Game

Getting started with Space XY is quick and easy. Here are the basics:

  1. Choose an online casino – We recommend top sites like Mostbet, Bovada, and 1Win that offer Space XY demo and real money modes.
  2. Create an account & deposit funds – Register an account, make a deposit via leading payment methods.
  3. Locate Space XY game – Find it under New or Slots sections. Tap “Play Now” to launch.
  4. Adjust bet amount – Space XY betting limits range from $0.10 minimum to $100 maximum per round.
  5. Watch rocket launch – A spaceship will blast off, rising upwards as a multiplier increases.
  6. Cash out before crash – Withdraw your wager before the rocket explodes to lock in earnings.

The longer you allow the rocket to fly, the higher your potential payout. But wait too long and you’ll lose it all when the rocket crashes! Timing is everything in this exciting crash game.

Space XY by BGaming

Space XY Game Features

SpaceXY may appear simple on the surface but actually packs several compelling features that appeal to new and veteran players alike.

  • Escalating Multipliers: Central to SpaceXY is the rising multiplier as rockets blastoff, which can reach an astronomical 10,000x! These ever-increasing multipliers are the key to transforming tiny wagers into absolutely massive payouts if timed and executed properly.
  • Double Your Fun With Twin Bets: Players aren’t limited to a single bet – you can place two wagers simultaneously per round. This hugely boosts the profit potential by giving you two opportunities to cash out at optimum times. Individual bet values ranging from $1 to $100 are available, with a $100 max per bet.
  • Auto Cash-Out Takes The Pressure Off: The Auto Cash-Out feature lets you preset guaranteed withdrawal points based on multiplier thresholds that match your risk tolerance and bankroll goals. Once rockets hit your preset limit, bets automatically cash out – no manual intervention needed. This is perfect for locking in solid wins without monitoring the screen at all times.
  • Smooth User Experience: Despite packing great depth, SpaceXY delivers it all in an accessible way for first-timers. Between straightforward rules, multiplier-driven play, and automated elements like Auto Cash-Out, SpaceXY appeals to players of all skill levels.

Main Theme and Gameplay

Space XY is centered on a cosmic space theme featuring sleek rockets. The gameplay is designed to fully engage players by having them observe rockets flying across an X/Y coordinate plane, anticipating when crashes will occur in order to cash out at the optimal time.

Simplicity is key – the visual layout positions the coordinate graph slightly to the right so your focal point is the soaring rocket. handy stats and settings menus on the left provide insight into your gameplay and winning patterns. The straightforward rules and interactive crash dynamic make for an intuitive, exciting experience.

Space XY Bets

HD Visuals & Atmospheric Sound

Space XY delivers a stellar HD graphical showcase of its space milieu. Vibrant black and yellow colors dominate alongside fluid animations of rockets blasting through the cosmos. Players will be glued to the screen as boosters multiplication values skyrocket – or abruptly explode.

The stellar visuals are matched by engrossing sound effects for each phase of play – from launch sequences to climactic crashes. Together, the HD sights and atmospheric audio make Space XY an audiovisual tour de force. The slick presentation pops on both desktop and mobile, fully-optimized for seamless iOS and Android gameplay.

Space XY RTP, Volatility & Hit Frequency

This stellar game offers a return to player (RTP) percentage of 97% – above average for similar titles.

It’s categorized as medium volatility, meaning payouts are less frequent than low volatility slots but larger than high volatility games. Wins may take some time to trigger but hit sizeable amounts when they do appear.

Hit frequency refers to how often winning combinations occur. Space XY’s hit rate is medium too, keeping gameplay balanced between dry spells and big wins.

Overall, the RTP, volatility, and hit rate make for solid winning potential over an extended play period. However, as a crash game, luck and timing also influence results.

Flexible Betting Range

One major perk of SpaceXY is the wide betting range that accommodates low rollers to high rollers alike. No matter your budget, you’ll find suitable min/max amounts.

Get In The Game For Pennies

With a tiny $0.05 minimum, basically anyone can enjoy real money action. Even at basement-level stakes, the multiplier rocket concept means you could turn nickels into thousands if luck shines. This creates big win potential relative to tiny buy-ins.

Sky-High Payouts For High Rollers

At the opposite end, VIP bettors can wager up to $100 per round. Considering the max 10,000x multiplier, betting big could produce insane $250,000+ payouts on single rounds! Even fractions of that still equal life-changing sums.

The expansive betting spectrum truly lets all players allocate bankrolls they’re comfortable with. Small wagers offer low-risk kicks with big dreams attached, while high rollers have the chance to realize massive max payouts.

Space XY Slot

Bonuses and Promotional Offers

The Space XY game may not offer its own unique in-game bonuses or promotions, but various online casinos often present a range of attractive bonuses that players can utilize. These offers can include free spins for online slots and no deposit bonuses applicable to a diverse selection of games. Additionally, certain welcome deposit bonuses are compatible with crash games like Space XY. It’s important to note that not all gambling platforms are generous with their bonus offerings. Therefore, this page specifically highlights those crash gambling sites known for providing bonuses and promotions that are not only easy to claim but also come with reasonably low wagering requirements.

Tips & Strategies – How To Win at Space XY

Mastering Space XY requires sharp decision-making skills. While winning boils down to chance, these pro tips can boost success:

  • Analyze statistics – Check hot/cold numbers, previous crash points, total wagers, and more to identify trends.
  • Spread bets – Wager on early and late crashes to cover more bases.
  • Set Auto Cash Out points – Program it to withdraw bets at target multipliers.
  • Quit when ahead – Bank wins don’t get greedy chasing even bigger payouts.
  • Deposit bonuses – Use free cash to extend playtime and scoring chances.
  • Practice demo – Hone skills risk-free to prepare for real stakes action.

Though a slot, approaching Space XY with a smart crash games strategy gives you an edge versus playing randomly.

Space XY Free Demo

BGaming Space XY casinos allow players to preview the game in practice mode before staking real cash. To play Space XY demo:

  1. Visit leading BGaming casino sites
  2. Create a free account
  3. Find Space XY game
  4. Switch demo mode ON
  5. Adjust demo bet size
  6. Spin reels & enjoy!

Free play is an excellent way to learn Space XY gameplay, features, volatility, RTP, and hit frequency without spending money.

Test crash timing strategies and get comfortable with the interface before transitioning to real wagers. Overall, playing Space XY slot for free helps build skills and confidence.

Optimized Mobile Play

SpaceXY readily entertains players on the move thanks to seamless integration with Android and iOS devices. The slick mobile interface provides full access to all features in a streamlined format. Responsive controls, fluid graphics, and fast loading times make for uninterrupted entertainment anywhere.

Best Online Casinos to Play Space XY Crash Game

Where you play matters just as much as how you play. To maximize Space XY fun and returns, we endorse trustworthy casinos like:

  1. Stake – Leading Bitcoin site with Space XY plus 3,600+ games. Offers fast cashouts, big bonuses up to 5 BTC, and 24/7 support.
  2. Parimatch – Popular for crash titles and 600+ slots. Welcomes crypto. 100% deposit match up to $100 or 1.5 BTC await plus free spins.
  3. Melbet – Top-tier design with 1,000+ titles. Big deposit bonuses, cashback rewards, and more player perks provided.
  4. Pin-Up – USA-friendly with 300+ slots including Space XY. $6,000 welcome bonus across six deposits makes this a player favorite.
  5. 1xBet – Premier spot for VIP service and 200+ RealTime Gaming games like Space XY. $12,250 in welcome bonuses + easy banking.

All featured sites pass our strict evaluation regarding security, licensing, support, banking ease, bonuses, and game diversity. Each offers a fun, fair environment to play Space XY online for real money.

Up to €1,500 Plus 150 Free Spins on First Four Deposits
5.0 rating
Welcome Bonus: 200% Up to $1000
5.0 rating
Up to $5,000 or $7,500 in Crypto
5.0 rating
100% Up to $500
5.0 rating

Is Space XY Rigged or Legit?

A common question is “Can I trust Space XY to provide fair, random outcomes?” Yes – Space XY is provably fair and 100% legit.

As a BGaming title built using RNG technology, results cannot be manipulated or predicted. Players also have peace of mind knowing BGaming holds licenses from reputable authorities.

So is Space XY rigged? Absolutely not. With innovative design features plus certified fair play protocols, what you see is what you get. Focus is rightly placed on skill rather than questioning legitimacy.

Should You Trust Predictors?

You may encounter “Space XY predictors” claiming to accurately forecast upcoming crash outcomes. Usually marketed as AI or algorithmic software, these tools analyze previous round stats to generate supposed winning predictions.

However, it’s actually impossible to reliably predict exact Space XY results. As a certified fair BGaming title, outcomes are determined randomly via RNG technology. So while past data may identify general trends, any software professing to know future precise rounds is misleading.

At best predictors may help inform gameplay strategies. But placing full faith in them for guaranteed wins is ill-advised. For legit crash titles like Space XY, luck and timing supersede predictive inputs. Enjoy predictors as supplementary tools but don’t rely on them as some miracle strategy. In this game the human factor reigns supreme!

One Final Takeaway

In the end, Space XY brings stellar graphics, engaging gameplay, and immense payout potential together into one must-try online slot.

The straightforward crash mechanics fused with an immersive, high-volatility space theme hit a winning combo. Throw in the fact real money and free demo modes are available, and BGaming has yet another hot title poised to thrive.

Blast off, have fun, and may big multipliers be with you during every Space XY session!


What is the Space XY game?

Space XY is an online casino crash game with a space theme developed by BGaming. Players place bets and cash out before an on-screen rocket crashes, with multipliers up to 10,000x.

Is there a Space XY free play version?

Yes, leading BGaming casinos offer a Space XY demo mode allowing you to preview gameplay risk-free before playing for real money.

What tips help you win at Space XY?

Useful tips include analyzing statistics, diversifying bets, utilizing Auto Cash Out, quitting while ahead, and practicing with free play mode.

What is the Space XY RTP percentage?

Space XY has a very solid RTP (return to player) percentage of 97%, giving good odds for players over extended play.

Can I play Space XY on iPhone and Android?

Absolutely! Space XY is fully optimized for flawless mobile play across iOS and Android devices.

Does Space XY have a max payout?

At the $100 max bet with max 10,000x multiplier potential, the top payout lands at a whopping $250,000!

Is Space XY legit and safe?

Yes, Space XY uses BGaming’s certified fair RNG technology, so all outcomes are securely random as advertised.

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