Shoooot! Game
Shoooot! Game
The fastest, funiest and the most rewarding game - Shoooot! is live now!
  • Fast paced and exciting gameplay
  • The potential to win big prizes
  • Requires a high speed internet connection
  • May be too fast paced for some players

Shoooot! Game

Shoooot! is an unusual Crash-style betting game in which you must forecast when the Ball will be saved or scored. The Ball will be kicked once you’ve placed your Bet, and the event will begin. A stake multiplier value will start to rise as soon as the event begins, and you can press CASHOUT at any time to cash out (which will be a cumulative value of your bet multiplied by the stake multiplier value shown at the time of pressing CASHOUT). The multiplier value is the higher the longer you leave your Bet in-play. After the Ball is saved by a goalkeeper (in normal play) or when the ball hits the back of the net (on a Jackpot game), the event ends, and any uncollected values still in-play are lost.

Shoooot! Game
Shoooot! Game

The order of the events is based on odds, and they are always in chronological sequence. Each game starts automatically 8 seconds after the conclusion of the previous event and all active players receive the same event. Only bets placed before the start of the next event will be effective. Any bets placed after an event’s start will be carried over to the next available event. You have until just before an event begins to Cancel a Bet.

The Mechanics of Shoooot Game:

At its core, Shoooot Game revolves around a rocket that ascends in value as time progresses. The primary objective of the game is for players to cash out their bets before the rocket crashes. To achieve this, players must carefully observe and analyze the rocket’s trajectory and make strategic decisions based on their risk tolerance.

The game starts with a countdown, during which players can place their bets. Once the timer reaches zero, the rocket begins its ascent. The value of the rocket increases with each passing second, presenting players with a crucial choice: cash out early to secure a smaller profit, or hold on for a potentially larger payout, risking everything should the rocket crash.

The rocket’s crash point is determined by a provably fair algorithm, ensuring that each round of the game is unpredictable and transparent. This fairness guarantees that every player has an equal chance of winning, fostering a competitive and engaging gaming environment.

Shoooot! Manual Bet

In the Manual Bet panel, you may create your own bets. Up to two bets may be placed on any one event at once. To set your desired Bet value for each bet you wish to place, use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ arrow buttons, or manually input up to the maximum bet value using one of the Quick Bet lozenges that contain fixed Bet values for simplicity.

Auto Cashout

Auto cashout enables you to specify a fixed Stake Multiplier value that the game will automatically collect whenever any active bet reaches this amount. When in the Manual Bet tab, make sure the radio button below the BET button is selected and then use the + or — arrows or manually input any figure to choose your Cashout amount. The current settings will be locked and applied to any active bets until you deactivate the radio button. To use Auto Cashout, enter any amount in the Auto Cashout section and then press PLACE BET to commit your bet.

Note: Even if Auto Cashout is turned on, you may manually cashout any amount less than the Auto Cashout limit.

Auto Bet

An automatic bet is a type of wager that is placed automatically by the software. To activate an automated bet, click on the Auto Bet radio button in the Manual Bet tab. You may choose to establish additional Betting Rules such as increasing your wager by a certain amount after winning or losing, or terminating any betting rules at a certain profit threshold to restrict your risk. If you PUSH PLACE BET, the bet will be committed to the next available game event and will continue to adhere to the Betting Rule settings you have chosen for each subsequent game event until you press CANCEL AUTO BET.

How to Play at Shoooot!

  • The ‘+’ or ‘-’ arrow buttons on the right side of the screen can be used to choose your Bet Value, or you may manually fill in any amount in the Bet box (or one of the pre-set Quick Bet lozenges).
  • If you wish, enable the Auto Bet or Auto Cashout Functions.
  • To commit a wager to the next available event, touch or click (for Desktop) the BET or PLACE BET buttons on your desktop or mobile device.
  • Wait for the Auto Cashout value to be met (if applicable) before collecting your Winnings.

Bet: The Bet Amount is shown in the Manual Bet tab, and it’s committed to the next available event.

Place Bet: Commits the automatic bet can be found in the Auto Bet tab.

Cancel Bet: Cancel any pending bets on any event that has not previously been played.

Cancel Auto Bet: Any automatic Bet that has not yet been placed will be reversed if you use this setting.

Cashout: Select this option to cash out your prize at the provided value.

Auto Bet: To turn off the auto bet function at current Bet value, go to the Manual Bet tab and click on the Radio Button next to Auto Bet. This will enable/disable the automatic bets until you click on Cancel Bet.

Auto Cashout: To activate the auto cashout function, go to the Manual Bet page and check the Boxes option under Auto Cashout in the drop-down menu of the Radio Button found on that page. The auto cashout feature will collect winnings automatically when the Stake Multiplier meets the chosen Cashout Multiplier value.

Game Info: Opens a new window over the game event that explains the game’s General Rules.

Audio: To turn on or shut off the game audio, go to the menu and select your desired option.

Other Game Info

  • Quick Bet lozenges – The range of possible Bet values displayed when the manual Bet button is selected in the Manual Bet tab is predetermined for simplicity.
  • Minimum Bet of ₴10,00
  • Maximum Bet of ₴2 500,00 per bet (up to 2 bets can be placed per event).
  • The theoretical return to player in this game is 97.16 percent.
  • Increase or decrease the Bet Value or Auto Cashout Values using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ arrows.
  • Win – Displays the final win value for the current or last win paid.
  • History Tabs – The page displays a variety of information (where applicable to your Territory) such as your own session Bet History, All active players’ Event activity, the Highest Multiplier Values achieved today or for the lifetime of the game; and also displaying the total number of ‘active’ players within each event.
  • Chat – Opens a window to send out a short/limited-character message to all players (subject to strict anti-profanity rules).

Additional Information

  • To play this game, you’ll need a fairly fast internet connection. Slower network speeds may cause your game to be less enjoyable. Please check your network speed before playing this game so that you can enjoy it to its full potential.
  • All wins are immediately credited to the player’s reserve balance after Cashout.
  • In the event of a game hardware/software failure, all affected game bets and payouts are invalidated, and all affected bets are refunded.
  • The maximum amount that may be won from any single game credit is set at the £2 500 000,00 level, and any prize valued at or above this amount will be automatically paid out to the player’s balance.


If you are looking for an exciting and action-packed game to play, SHOOOOT! is definitely worth checking out. Just be sure to have a high speed internet connection before playing, as a slower connection may affect your gameplay experience. To excel in Shoooot Game, players must develop a strategy based on their individual risk tolerance and financial goals. Some players may choose to adopt a conservative approach, cashing out early to minimize losses, while others might prefer a more aggressive strategy, aiming for higher multipliers and potentially larger profits.


How do I play SHOOOOT!?

To play SHOOOOT!, simply select your bet amount and click on the ‘Place Bet’ button. Once the game starts, you will need to click on the targets as they appear on screen and try to hit as many as possible before the time runs out. The more targets you hit, the higher your potential payout will be.

What is the maximum prize that can be won from SHOOOOT!?

The maximum prize that can be won from any single game credit is limited to ₴2 500 000,00 and any prize reaching this value will be automatically collected and credited to Player Balance.

What is the overall theoretical return to player for SHOOOOT!?

The overall theoretical return to player in this game is 97.16%.

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