Sette e Mezzo
Sette e Mezzo
Sette e Mezzo, which means "seven and a half" in English, is an Italian card game reminiscent of the widely known game, blackjack.
  • Simplicity: Sette e Mezzo has straightforward rules, making it easy for beginners to grasp quickly.
  • Historical Significance: As an old Italian card game, it offers a nostalgic experience, taking players back to a bygone era.
  • Strategy Element: While luck plays a role, players can employ strategy in decision-making, adding depth to the game.
  • Short Game Duration: Rounds are generally quick, making it ideal for those looking for fast-paced gaming sessions.
  • Lesser Known: Compared to card games like Blackjack or Poker, Sette e Mezzo might be less familiar to many, which can be a barrier to entry.

Sette e Mezzo: The Traditional Italian Card Game

Sette e Mezzo, translated to “seven and a half” in English, is a card game of Italian origin that bears similarities to the globally recognized game of blackjack. Known as ‘Siete y Media’ in Spanish, this game has long been a part of Italian traditions, especially during the festive season of Christmas.

Sette e Mezzo Overview

This card game is typically played with a unique 40-card deck. The deck is fashioned by removing eights, nines, and tens from a standard set. Each card holds a specific value:

  • Ace to Seven: These cards hold their pip value, ranging from 1 to 7.
  • Face Cards: All face cards, such as Kings, Queens, and Jacks, are valued at half a point.

The game revolves around players competing against the dealer. However, unlike many card games, players do not compete against each other.


The primary goal for players is to best the dealer in one of several ways:

  • Achieve precisely 7.5 points with the initial two cards, known as a ‘reale’ or ‘natural’, provided the dealer does not do the same.
  • Attain a final score that surpasses the dealer’s without exceeding the 7.5 mark.
  • Encourage the dealer to draw supplementary cards that make their total go over 7.5 points.

The sum of a player’s hand is determined by adding the point values of their individual cards.

How to Play: Sette e Mezzo Game Rules

Before the dealing process begins, every player must place their bet. The initial card dealt to them is face down. After scrutinizing it, they need to decide whether to ‘stand’ (concluding their turn) or ‘hit’ (requesting another card). This decision-making continues as long as they don’t exceed the 7.5-point threshold. If a player goes overboard, they must reveal their concealed card and forfeit their bet instantaneously. If they achieve an exact 7.5, they should declare it and display their concealed card.

Post the players’ rounds, the dealer unveils their hidden card and plays by identical rules. If the dealer’s score exceeds 7.5, they need to match all bets of players who stayed under the limit. If the dealer stays within bounds, players need to showcase their concealed card, and the dealer gathers bets from those with a lower or equal score and pays out those with a higher one.

Sette e Mezzo Rules

Payouts and Stakes

Busted or Lower Score than Dealer: Players who exceed the score of 7½ (bust) or end up with a score lower than the dealer lose their stakes. If they bust during the game, the dealer collects their stake immediately.

Higher Score than Dealer: Players with a score surpassing that of the dealer get a payout equal to their initial stake.

Tied Scores: A tie often favors the banker, but several variations exist:

  • Banker Dominance: Regardless of the tied score, the bank claims the stake.
  • Seven and a Half Exception: If both the dealer and player achieve a score of Seven and a Half, options include returning the stake to the player or awarding them double their initial bet. This could be a universal rule or applicable only for two-card combinations.
  • Player’s Favor: To lessen the bank’s edge, some rules allow tied stakes to return to the player.
  • Fewest Cards Rule: In case of a tie, the player with fewer cards may be declared the winner. If there’s a further tie, rules from the previous points are applied.

Banker Busts: If the Banker goes over 7½, they must compensate all remaining players’ bets, excluding those who busted earlier.

Seven and a Half with Two Cards: Players who achieve this score with two cards, including possible wild cards, earn double their stake from the Banker, but this is subject to the rules governing ties.

Selecting the Dealer

The dealer or “Banker” plays a pivotal role in the game, and their selection demands careful consideration. Over the course of the game, the dealer is expected to change based on predetermined conditions:

  • Initial Choice: The first dealer can be chosen through methods like drawing the highest card.
  • Rotating After Each Hand: Like many card games, the dealer role can rotate to the next player after every hand.
  • Set Number of Rounds: The dealer might switch roles after a fixed number of rounds, ensuring each player at the table gets an equal turn.
  • Achieving a Royal Seven and a Half: In most game variations, scoring a Seven and a Half with just two cards allows a player to instantly become the dealer. However, it’s crucial to determine subsequent dealer-selection methods, whether based on individual hands, a set number of hands, or other criteria.
Sette e Mezzo Casino Game

Intriguing Variants

Wild Card (Italian Version): The king of coins (or the queen of hearts with French-suited cards) acts as a wild card. Players can assign it any value, provided they hold another card. If alone, its worth is set at half a point.

Royal 7.5: A natural 7.5 receives double the bet, and the scoring player takes on the dealer’s role for the subsequent game.

Triple 7.5: Special hands receive triple the bet. This can be a hand with two sevens or a natural 7.5 with the wild card as the face card.

Burning: Players with an initial card value of 4 (or occasionally 3) can discard it to receive a fresh card from the dealer.

Pot-Play: The dealer places an ante in a pot and competes against each player, turn by turn.

Splitting (Spanish Variant): Players can split their hand if they initially receive a face card and are subsequently dealt another face card.

Tips and Tricks for Sette e Mezzo

First fundamental tip (which more than a tip is a categorical imperative): NEVER get high. Better to risk keeping a low score and if anything, lose with it.

When not holding the bank, in a manner vaguely reminiscent of basic blackjack strategy, there are tricks to follow depending on the card you are dealt:

  • Figure: Bet high enough and ask for card. If another figure is received call again. If you receive a card over 5, you should stay.
  • Ace: Aim low enough and claim card. Then evaluate, if Two or not you can call again, otherwise stay.
  • Two: Aim low and hit.
  • Three: Betting low and calling, if you are playing last or almost last and the others have got good scores it might be better to stay and hope the dealer folds.
  • Four: Aim low and stand.
  • Five: Aim low and stand, especially if the other players got good scores.
  • Six: Aim high enough and stand, if the others got good scores you can also bet and stand.
  • Seven: Best case, bet high and stand.

When holding the bank and being dealer, however, the reasoning is different:

having in fact much more information, one can decide on the calling strategy. The dealer will in fact know how many high cards have already been dealt, how many tricks, and based on his personal balance he can decide whether to stop and maybe lose with one or two players but maybe win with all the others!

Sette e Mezzo Online

The game has become so popular and successful that it is also frequently available in online casinos. In this case, of course, it is still us against the bank, but with a few different rules. In the meantime, there is no need to have pocket cards, so our initial will be uncovered, as will the Banker’s to make our evaluations.

Here the rule is also defined at the outset that, when the score is equal, it is always the Banker who wins. However, he almost always has further rules to follow on his choices, as is also the case in Black Jack.

The player already knows, in fact, that the Banker will have to “Stand” if he has a score of 5 or higher, even if it is lower than that of the player (who will therefore win the hand), while vice versa, he will always have to take another card until he reaches at least that score.

This variant in the online game, makes the game even more interesting and somehow offers a reduction in the player’s disadvantage (a rule that one may however decide to apply to the live game as well, although the human factor certainly makes the game more interesting).

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Our Verdict

Sette e Mezzo is a captivating card game with its roots in Italy, offering players an engaging mix of strategy, chance, and excitement. The game’s intricate structure, varying rules, and the pivotal role of the dealer make it both challenging and entertaining. To enjoy the game to its fullest, it’s crucial for players to discuss and establish rules beforehand, ensuring a smooth and fair gameplay experience for everyone involved.


What is Sette e Mezzo?

Sette e Mezzo is an Italian card game, similar to Blackjack, where players aim to achieve a score close to 7.5 without exceeding it.

How are payouts determined in the game?

Payouts are based on the final scores of the players relative to the dealer. Players with scores higher than the dealer receive their stake back, while those with lower scores or busts lose their stake.

What happens when there's a tie?

Ties usually favor the banker, but variations can allow for the player to reclaim their stake or even receive double their initial bet.

How is the dealer or "Banker" chosen?

The initial dealer can be chosen by methods like drawing the highest card. The dealer role can then rotate based on pre-decided conditions, like after each hand or achieving a Royal Seven and a Half.

Why is it important to clarify the rules before starting?

Given the multiple variations and intricate structure of the game, it’s essential to ensure everyone understands and agrees on the rules for a fair and enjoyable experience.

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