• High winning potential with multipliers up to 100,000x.
  • Easy-to-understand gameplay, suitable for both casual and experienced players.
  • Unique features like game history, double bet, auto cashout, and auto bet for tailored gaming strategies.
  • Availability on multiple devices, including mobile phones and tablets.
  • Attractive bonuses and promotions for players.
  • Provably fair algorithm ensures fairness and unbiased outcomes.
  • Secure gaming environment provided by a reputable online casino.
  • High volatility can result in significant losses if not managed properly.
  • The game can be addictive, and responsible gaming practices should be followed.
  • No dedicated mobile app available yet, although it is in development.

Dino Game at MyStake Casino

MyStake Casino has taken the online gambling world by storm with its fun and addicting selection of casino games. But no title has earned more fame than the MyStake Dino game, an innovative crash-style game featuring an adorable dinosaur character. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything that makes the Dino game irresistibly entertaining to newbies and veterans alike.

Game Premise and Objective

The premise of Dino casino game involves a pixelated Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur character running across the screen as a “multiplier” value increases rapidly above its head. The objective is to “cash out” before an impending asteroid crashes down, ending the round. The longer players allow Dino to run before cashing out, the higher the multiplier climbs, resulting in bigger potential payouts. However, delay too long and the asteroid destroys winnings accrued in that round upon impact. Mastering the delicate risk vs reward balance makes for an intensely thrilling gaming experience!

Game NameDino
Game TypeCrash style casino game
ProviderMyStake Casino
Release Date2020
Mobile CompatibilityYes, iOS and Android
Demo ModeYes, play free with virtual credits
Minimum Bet$0.20
Maximum Bet$1000
Starting Multiplier1.01x
Maximum Multiplier100,000x
Average Cash Out Multiplier Range5x to 50x
Return to Player (RTP)96% to 98%
Game FeaturesDouble bet, auto cash out, game history, stats
Bonuses100% welcome bonus up to $500 + ongoing promotions
Currencies$, €, £ + crypto
LanguagesEnglish + several language options

Starting the Game

  • To begin, players select a bet amount from $0.2 to $1000. Higher bets potentially return bigger payouts.
  • Next, click the Start button and watch as adorable Dino springs into action while the multiplier steadily ticks upward.
  • At any point, players can click the Cash Out button to collect winnings relative to the current multiplier level and original bet. But be quick – wait too long and Dino goes extinct in a fiery asteroid blast!

Game Multipliers and Payout System

  • The minimum multiplier is 1.01x while the maximum possible is an astonishing 100,000x! Of course, reaching such astronomical heights relies partly on luck.
  • Typically, veteran players recommend cashing out in the 5x to 50x range. However, even incremental gains can accumulate substantial earnings over time.
  • Payouts get calculated by multiplying the cash out multiplier by original bet amount. For instance, exiting at 10x while betting $5 awards winnings of $50 for that round.
Dino Casino Game

Other Key Game Features

Besides the main cash out element, MyStake Dino game contains helpful features for an optimal experience:

  • Double Bet: Make two separate bets to cash out at different multipliers within the same round. Useful for hedging positions.
  • Auto Cash Out: Preset a multiplier threshold upon which the game automatically cash outs for you. Great for locking in a target goal.
  • Game History: View data on the max multipliers reached in previous rounds, helpful for predicting future probabilities.
  • Stats: See key metrics like average cash out multiplier across all sessions and highest multiplier ever achieved.

Astute use of these tools facilitates bigger payout potential!

Playing the Dino MyStake Demo

MyStake allows playing Dino for free via demo credits so newcomers can practice risk-free. While no real money gets wagered, the demo presents the full Dino MyStake gameplay experience. Familiarize yourself with the cash out dynamics as Dino eludes asteroids while earning imaginary payouts! Once confident, make a real money deposit to play for actual rewards.

Claiming the Dino Welcome Bonus

An extremely generous bonus exists for first time Dino MyStake players after making a minimum qualifying deposit. This 100% match welcome bonus doubles deposited funds up to $500! For example, a $100 deposit gets matched with an extra $100. Be sure to opt-into claiming this promotion for immediate doubled playing power!

100% Match Deposit Bonus Up to €1000
Up to €1,305 depending on game type.
+ 300 USD on First Deposit
Up to $1000 for newcomers
Welcome Bonus: 200% Up to $1000

Ongoing Promotions and Perks

MyStake constantly unveils exciting Dino mini game promotions like free spin giveaways, cash prize contests, rebates for losing sessions and more. VIP program members qualify for the most elite perks including personalized account managers and lavish invite-only events. All players receive automatic weekly and monthly cashback payments too. Check site notifications often so you never miss out on bonus opportunities!

Recommended Dino Game Betting Strategies

While luck plays a role, utilizing effective betting strategies maximizes success:

  • Begin playing conservatively, cashing out at 3-5x multipliers while getting a feel for game dynamics
  • Analyze stats from previous rounds to make informed decisions on cash out timing
  • As bankroll grows, consider allowing higher multipliers for bigger wins
  • Set a strict maximum loss amount per session avoiding the pitfalls of overextended chasing
  • Claim all available bonuses and enrolled in promotions to play with house money!
Dino Casino

Wire Transfer Deposits and Payouts

MyStake supports convenient local payment methods like credit cards and eWallets for Dino deposits and cashouts. But one especially useful option for high rollers is wire transfer. Both deposits and payouts through bank wires have higher limits compared to other methods. This facilitates moving large sums of funds in and out seamlessly. Speak to VIP reps for assistance facilitating wire transactions.

Dino MyStake Mini Game Mobile App

While the mobile browser version works flawlessly, MyStake plans launching a dedicated iOS and Android app for its library of titles soon. The Dino mobile app will provide optimized performance plus exclusive app-only bonuses. Waitlist registration grants first access once the Dino app releases. Download it directly on launch and play Dino on the go against players worldwide!

Play Dino MyStake

Psychology Behind the Dino Craze

But what exactly gives the Dino game itsmagnetically widespread appeal? A few psychological factors drive the frenzy:

Novel Concept

The creativity behind the game mechanics feels fresh. MyStake Dino himself exhibits charming personality as a central character. This contrasts with generic crash games starring predictable objects like rockets. The injection of innovation simply makes the game more appealing both visually and emotionally.

Volatility and Unpredictability

The unpredictable volatility keeps players invested through variable reward principles. Any given round can produce a big win no matter the starting multiplier, enticing continued play. Contrastingly, a sudden asteroid crash can fuel the motivation to quickly start again. This dynamism acts like gambling catnip, producing an irresistible chemical response.

Community Atmosphere

A vibrant social community exists across Dino enthusiasts that heighten enjoyment. MyStake forums and Discord channels facilitate idea exchange and collective wins celebrations Further integration of community features into the game itself would raise the excitement level even higher.

Simplicity and Accessibility

The gameplay only involves clicking two buttons, Start and Cash Out. This ease of understanding opens the game to complete novices. Simultaneously, mastering optimal cash out timing takes refinement, appealing to seasoned players. The versatility to accommodate different skill levels is key.

With these potent psychological incentives stimulating the brains reward system, no wonder Dino elicits such obsession!

Troubleshooting Site Access Issues

If MyStake gets blocked in your country, simply access the platform through alternate “mirror” site domains not impacted by restrictions. MyStake provides a site listing all active working mirrors that reroute to the main platform. This allows playing uninterrupted regardless of any prohibitions enforced on the domain itself. Don’t let attempted access blocks stop you from the enjoying Dino at MyStake!

Advantages of MyStake Platform

While other crash game sites exist, MyStake offers clear advantages:

★ Highest maximum multipliers translating to biggest potential payouts

★ Higher base game RTP percentage Return-To-Player improving player edge

★ Frequent and generous reload bonus promotions among the industry best

★ Constant unveiling of new games keeping content fresh vs competitors

★ Smooth UX and visually polished UI for optimal enjoyment

With these differentiators in MyStake’s favor, no reason exists to play Dino anywhere else!

Predicting Multiplier Outcomes

No definitive way exists to predict exact multiplier values on future rounds. However, by recording data from previous rounds, identifying probability distributions and projecting likelihoods of various outcomes helps inform decisions.

Always withdraw below 5x……..20%

Hit over 20x then crash………15%

Reach 0ver 200x multiplier…..<1%%

Based on these hypothetical probabilities, players might cash out quickly on lower multipliers to build steady 2-3x gains. Then periodically allow rounds to run longer targeting 20x+ multipliers while accepting the risk of crashes. This balances taking profits consistently with hitting occasional home run payouts mathematical principles govern this strategic framework!


In summary, MyStake’s Dino delivers engaging and potentially lucrative gameplay using tried and true psychological motivators. Approach with sensible practices like playing responsibly, never overextending financially beyond means and utilizing optimal strategies.

Consistency compounds earnings over time. Occasionally big payouts provide nice bonuses. And bonuses and promotions give extra value.

So get ready to cheer on adorable Dino holding your breath with each close asteroid call! While luck plays a role, making high percentage decisions stacks probabilities of consistent success in your favor.


What is the Dino game?

Dino game is a crash-style casino game at MyStake Casino featuring an adorable dinosaur character trying to outrun an impending asteroid crash. Players click Cash Out to win multiplied payouts based on asteroid avoidance duration.

How do I win at Dino game?

The longer players allow cute Dino to run before cashing out, the higher the “multiplier” value climbs, resulting in proportionally larger payouts. However, delay too long in cashing out risks losing it all if Dino gets hit by the asteroid blast. Mastering timing is key.

What is the max payout in Dino game?

While the multiplier ceiling peaks at an astonishing 100,000x, even incremental gains can accumulate over time into hefty rewards. Typically veterans recommend cashing out in the 5x to 50x multiplier range before getting too greedy waiting for higher scales.

Does Dino have free demo mode?

Yes, MyStake offers free Dino game demo plays with practice virtual credits. This lets newcomers grasp the general cash out dynamics before risking real money at stake. Once comfortable, make a qualifying deposit to switch to real cash payout mode seamlessly.

What deposit bonuses exist for Dino game?

An extremely generous 100% match bonus up to $500 is available when depositing real money for the first time on Dino game. Many ongoing reload bonuses and contest prizes get unveiled on a routine basis as well.

Can I play Dino on my mobile?

Absolutely! The Dino game web app works flawlessly on all mobile browsers allowing play on the go. Soon MyStake plans launching a dedicated Dino app for iOS and Android devices to optimize enjoyment further with exclusive app-only features.

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