Crazy Time
Crazy Time
Welcome to the universe of Live Crazy Time, a groundbreaking live casino game show developed by Evolution Gaming. Since its debut in 2020, this live gaming spectacle has redefined the standards of the genre.
  • Multiple Bonus Rounds: With four distinct bonus games, players are kept on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to multiply their winnings.
  • High Entertainment Value: The vibrant design, engaging host, and dynamic game features make Crazy Time an entertainment powerhouse.
  • Broad Betting Range: With eight different betting options, players have numerous ways to place bets, catering to various strategies and risk tolerances.
  • Interactive Gameplay: Players get to actively participate in bonus rounds, which enhances the overall gaming experience.
  • No Demo Version: There is no free demo available for players who wish to try the game before committing real money.
  • Complexity: With multiple features and bonus rounds, the game may initially be confusing for beginners.

Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming

Welcome to the world of Live Crazy Time, an unparalleled live dealer game show crafted by Evolution Gaming. Launched in 2020, this marvel of live casino gaming has set a new standard in the genre. Known for its stunning design, a host of interactive features, and a tantalizing RTP of 96.08%, Live Crazy Time offers a maximum wager limit of $5,000, starting from as low as $0.10. In this exhaustive guide, you’ll get an insider’s look into how to maximize your gameplay.

Gameplay Mechanics: How to Play Crazy Time

The central feature of the game is a vibrantly colored wheel partitioned into 54 segments. A charismatic presenter spins the wheel every round, and if the pointer at the top stops at a segment you’ve wagered on, you win. The wheel includes segments for four regular numbers—1 (Blue), 2 (Yellow), 5 (Pink), and 10 (Purple) – as well as four different bonus games.

Unique to Live Crazy Time is the Top Slot. This mini-game generates a random multiplier for one random betting option each round. If the multiplier aligns with your bet, you’re in for a hefty win.

🎰 Game TitleCrazy Time
🎲 Game ProviderEvolution Gaming
💰 RTP95.50%
⚖️ VolatilityMedium
🤑 Max Win25,000x
🎉 Bonus Rounds4
🎯 Betting Options8
📱 Mobile CompatibilityiOS & Android
🎥 Live Streaming OptionYes
🚀 Demo VersionNo

Return To Player (RTP)

The RTP for the various bets in Crazy Time varies significantly. For standard number bets, the RTP is generally around 96%. The bonus games have the following RTPs:

  • Pachinko: 94.33%
  • Cash Hunt: 95.27%
  • Coin Flip: 95.70%
  • Crazy Time: 94.41%

There’s no fixed payout for the bonus games; it can range significantly depending on your luck. However, there is a maximum limit of $500,000.

Crazy Time Review
Crazy Time Review

Crazy Time Payouts Overview

The nature of the Crazy Time game doesn’t conform to the standard payout tables seen in traditional casino games. The bonus rounds feature rewards that are variable and rely on multipliers. Though the payouts are often on the smaller side, there is a possibility of winning exceptionally large amounts occasionally.

Here is the Crazy Time payout table. Please note that some information may be imprecise due to the game’s variable nature.

Bet TypeNumber of SegmentsPayout Ratio/Maximum Payout
Standard Bets
Bonus Games
Pachinko2Up to $500,000
Cash Hunt2Up to $500,000
Coin Flip4Up to $500,000
Crazy Time1Up to $500,000

Understanding the Bonus Rounds of Crazy Time

Crazy Time features four distinct bonus rounds that activate when the wheel lands on their respective segments. Below, we delve into each bonus round so you can understand what to anticipate and where to place your bets.

Coin Flip Bonus Round

Coin Flip is the most frequently occurring bonus round in Crazy Time. It comes into play when the wheel stops on one of the four blue segments marked ‘Coin Flip’. Only players who have placed an active bet on the Coin Flip get to partake in this round, while others watch the spectacle.

In this round, each side of the coin—Red and Blue—gets assigned a random multiplier. The goal is to have both multipliers be substantial, although they often vary widely. The host then flips the coin into a machine called the Flip-o-Matic. The side facing up determines the winner, and players receive the corresponding multiplier.

The maximum payout here is a staggering 5000x, provided there is a carry-over of a 50x multiplier from the Top Slot. Occasionally, if both assigned multipliers are disappointing, a ‘Rescue Flip’ may happen, providing another chance without an additional bet. The game resumes normal betting once this bonus round concludes.

Cash Hunt Bonus Round

Cash Hunt is available on two green segments on the wheel and is arguably the most popular bonus round among Crazy Time players. This is likely because it appears to involve a bit of strategy, although the outcomes are random.

In Cash Hunt, you’re presented with a shooting gallery filled with 108 multipliers that are hidden behind various symbols. These symbols are shuffled, masking the location of the multipliers. Your mission is to uncover the largest multiplier by aiming and firing at a symbol of your choice. If you don’t select in time, the game makes a choice for you.

What makes this round exciting is that each player experiences a unique outcome based on their chosen symbol. While there’s no proven way to snag the largest multiplier, the key is to have fun and to always place an active bet on this round for a shot at the big win.

Crazy Time Bonus Game
Crazy Time Bonus Game

Pachinko Bonus Round

The Pachinko Bonus Round is a passive experience, requiring no player input. The board features 16 drop zones at the top and 16 Prize Multiplier Zones at the bottom. The aim is for a “Puck” to navigate its way downward, bouncing off pegs and hopefully landing in one of the more lucrative Multiplier Zones.

As the round kicks off, each prize zone is assigned either a multiplier value or the label “Double.” The host then ascends a staircase at the back and releases the puck into the wall from one of the randomized drop zones. The puck then zigzags its way down the wall, rebounding off pegs until it settles in a prize zone.

If the puck lands in a zone marked “Double,” all other zone multipliers get doubled. The host then releases the puck again from a different random drop zone. This cycle continues until the puck lands in a multiplier zone or the maximum 10,000x multiplier is reached.

Occasionally, a “Rescue Drop” may occur if the puck lands in a zone with a lackluster 2x-4x multiplier. In this case, the host releases the puck again, and the game concludes once it lands in a prize zone with a multiplier.

Crazy Time Bonus Round

The Crazy Time Bonus Round is the blockbuster segment of the game, offering monumental win potential. Because of its high stakes, only one Crazy Time segment exists on the main wheel.

To initiate this round, the presenter opens a red door that leads to an expansive, virtual Crazy Time Wheel. The wheel is segmented into 64 areas filled with multipliers and “Double” and “Triple” symbols. At the onset, you choose one of three colored flappers (Blue, Green, or Yellow) at the wheel’s summit. When the wheel halts, you receive the prize corresponding to the segment where your flapper stopped.

If the flapper lands on “Double” or “Triple,” all the existing multipliers get amplified accordingly. The wheel then gets another spin for players who chose that color. The game wraps up when the flapper lands in a multiplier section, and you can potentially stack up multiple doubles and triples, up to an astonishing 20,000x multiplier!

Should You Pay Attention to Crazy Time Statistics? Think Again.

Numerous online trackers offer statistics for Crazy Time, indicating how much time has passed since a particular wheel segment, like Pachinko, last appeared. However, caution is advised when interpreting these stats.

While it’s tempting to think that monitoring these numbers will provide a winning edge, it’s likely to mislead players into making poor betting choices. The game of Crazy Time is fundamentally based on a Random Number Generator (RNG), debunking the idea that a particular outcome is “overdue.”

Though the Law of Large Numbers might suggest that outcomes will even out over an infinite number of spins, it’s crucial to remember this doesn’t apply to a short range of 10-20 spins. Therefore, relying on statistics trackers is unlikely to be beneficial.

Instead of getting sidetracked by misleading stats, it’s more prudent to stick to a well-thought-out Crazy Time strategy and wait for Lady Luck to make her move.

Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming
Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming

Optimal Betting Strategies for Maximum Returns

Crazy Time isn’t just a game of luck; it’s a complex experience with various layers and opportunities. While many players get lured by the potential of massive prizes in the bonus rounds, a smart approach to Crazy Time emphasizes “number bets.”

These “number bets” often lead to more frequent payouts, and the real charm is that these numbers are also eligible for multipliers from the top slot, significantly boosting potential wins. So, is there an optimal strategy for playing Crazy Time? Absolutely, especially given its intricate gameplay mechanics where your choices carry weight.

If you’re aiming to maximize your chances of a big win, it’s crucial to place bets on the bonus round positions on the betting grid. The game comes alive when these segments are hit with multipliers. Your dream scenario would be for the Crazy Time segment to attract a multiplier, followed by double or triple multipliers spinning on the big Crazy Time Wheel, sending your payouts through the roof!

However, keep expectations realistic. The game predominantly pays out modest wins in the bonus rounds, usually ranging from 5x to 25x your bet. The truly massive wins, like 100x or more, are relatively infrequent, and astronomical wins above 250x are even rarer, occurring roughly once a month.

Among the bonus bets, Coin Flip and Pachinko tend to offer the lowest returns, while Cash Hunt is reasonable, and Crazy Time itself is the most lucrative. Remember, Crazy Time is a high-volatility game. If you’re looking for quick, low-risk gains, this probably isn’t the game for you. But, if you’re ready to invest time and strategic thought, you can optimize your chances for long-term profit.

Best Live Casinos to Play Crazy Time: Your Gateway to Excitement

Crazy Time, a groundbreaking live casino game by Evolution Gaming, is making waves in the online gaming industry. With its multi-layered gameplay, including four distinct bonus rounds, the game offers an unparalleled gaming experience. However, the choice of online casino can make a significant difference in how much you enjoy this game. Below are some tips on how to choose the best casino to play Crazy Time, along with some recommendations.

Criteria for Choosing a Casino

  • Licensing and Regulation: Always choose a casino that is licensed by reputable gaming authorities like the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. This ensures fair play and the security of your funds.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Online casinos often offer bonuses and promotions, including welcome bonuses, deposit matches, and free spins. Opt for a casino that provides offers specific to live dealer games like Crazy Time.
  • Payment Methods: Ensure the casino provides various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, e-wallets like PayPal and Neteller, and even cryptocurrencies. Transaction times and fees should also be reasonable.
  • Community and Reviews: Before making your decision, browse forums, and read reviews to get an idea of the community’s opinion on the best places to play Crazy Time.
Best Casinos to Play
5.0 rating
Rollbit, established in 2019, stands out as a premier online cryptocurrency casino. It offers a comprehensive platform where users can enjoy a variety of casino games, engage in sports betting, trade in cryptocurrencies, and purchase NFTs. This platform has rapidly gained popularity among crypto casino enthusiasts due to its extensive array of features, user-friendly design, and a strong emphasis on building a community atmosphere.
5.0 rating
In addition to offering a wide range of casino products, Melbet also targets lottery enthusiasts and TV gaming enthusiasts. Another highlight is the sportsbook, which offers a wide range of sporting events, including pre-match and in-match betting options. With over a thousand events available to bet on every day, bettors have a variety of options to choose from.
5.0 rating
Emerging in 2007, 1xBet has swiftly garnered the interest of betting enthusiasts, thanks to its vast selection of wagering opportunities, an extensive catalog of casino games, and the convenience of live streaming services. It's not just the variety of betting avenues that stand out, but also the streamlined methods for deposits and withdrawals that enhance user experience.
5.0 rating
Boasting an impressive lineup of over 4,200 games, Casumo's assortment stands out as one of the most expansive we've encountered in our years of reviewing casinos. In addition to its rich game selection, Casumo also offers an integrated sportsbook, providing a wide range of sought-after sports events and tournaments for betting enthusiasts.
5.0 rating
Betano Casino provides a captivating and diverse gaming adventure for players across the globe. Featuring an extensive selection of games from respected software providers, along with secure and user-friendly payment methods, Betano establishes itself as a trusted online casino. Whether your preference lies in slots, table games, live dealer experiences, or sports betting, Betano ensures a rewarding gaming journey awaits.
5.0 rating
Founded in 2016, Rizk Casino has firmly established itself in the realm of online gaming. Recognized in key regions like Germany, Canada, Sweden, and India, it operates under the respected Betsson Group, ensuring a legacy of exceptional gaming and unwavering trustworthiness.
5.0 rating
Launched in 2020, Blaze Casino quickly carved a niche in the iGaming industry. Drawing from their rich experience, the casino's team has crafted an offering that seamlessly blends a diverse game selection, stellar customer support, captivating features, and reliable banking solutions.
4.8 rating
Holiganbet Casino, well-known in the online gaming world, features a multitude of games from top-tier developers.

Exploring Crazy Time Demo Options

When it comes to getting a feel for the Crazy Time game by Evolution Gaming, you might be looking for a demo version to try out before you wager real money. However, it’s important to note that there is no official demo version of Crazy Time available for players to engage in free play.

Alternative Ways to Familiarize Yourself

While a demo option is absent, there are other avenues to explore the game without committing your funds.

  • Watch in Online Casinos: Many online casinos that offer Crazy Time allow users to watch the game live. You can enter the game room and observe as other players bet, win, or activate bonus features. This allows you to understand the dynamics and rules of the game without making any bets yourself.
  • Live Streams: Another option to consider is watching live streams on platforms like Twitch or YouTube, where seasoned players often stream their Crazy Time gameplay. This not only gives you a chance to learn the game but also lets you pick up strategies and tips from experienced players.

Why Watch Before You Play

Crazy Time has complex features, and diving in without fully understanding these could be risky. By watching others play, you can gain insights into how each betting option works, how often bonus features are triggered, and what kind of multipliers are involved.

Crazy Time Game in Live Studio
Crazy Time Game in Live Studio

Evolution Gaming’s Crazy Time Mobile app

As a frontrunner in the live dealer gaming sphere, Evolution Gaming consistently delivers cutting-edge technology across its game offerings, and Crazy Time is no exception.

Experience the adrenaline-pumping action of Crazy Time live, right from your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. All you need for a glitch-free gaming experience is a reliable internet connection.

For the ultimate mobile gaming adventure, choose a top-rated Evolution Gaming mobile casino to play Crazy Time. If you’re uncertain about where to start, the CasinoWow list offers a curated selection of top recommendations to ease your decision-making process.

Conclusion: Why Live Crazy Time Reigns Supreme

Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming has redefined live casino entertainment with its vibrant blend of wheel-spinning action and multiple bonus features. While the absence of a demo version might deter some players, the plethora of ways to experience the game via live streams or in-casino watching make it accessible for both newcomers and seasoned bettors. The game’s complex features require a bit of a learning curve, but once you grasp the nuances, you’re in for an exhilarating ride filled with multipliers, bonus rounds, and the potential for big wins. Whether you’re betting on numbers or aiming for those lucrative bonus rounds, Crazy Time promises a thrilling gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there a demo version of Crazy Time?

No, there is no official demo. However, you can watch the game live in online casinos or through live streams.

What are the bonus rounds in Crazy Time?

Crazy Time features four different bonus rounds: Coin Flip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt, and Crazy Time Bonus Round.

How many betting options are available?

There are 8 betting options: 4 regular numbers (1, 2, 5, 10) and 4 bonus game options (Coin Flip, Pachinko, Crazy Time Bonus Game, Cash Hunt).

Is the game based on luck or strategy?

While luck plays a significant role, understanding the game's features and making educated bets can improve your chances.

Can I play Crazy Time on mobile devices?

Yes, the game is optimized for both iOS and Android devices and runs smoothly as long as you have a stable internet connection.

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