Aviatrix is a new NFT-based crash game that allows users to place bets and rewards those who land at the right time according to the P2E model.
  • Improved crash mechanics for a more realistic gameplay experience
  • Increased customization options for players
  • Higher engagement rates thanks to loyalty mechanics that keep players coming back
  • Low max bet
  • Some gameplay is lost without using NFT

Aviatrix Crash Game

With the game Aviatrix, players can fly their own planes in the form of NFTs. Users place bets and try to land at the right time to earn cryptocurrency rewards according to the P2E model. This is a new development for crash games that takes them to the next level.

Aviatrix Game Demo

The free demo of Aviatrix allows you to test it out before spending any money, so you can figure out if it’s a game you would want to invest in.
The free demo version of the game can be found by pressing the “Demo” button on casino websites. After clicking it, the game will load in your browser where you can play without wagering any money.

How to Play Aviatrix

  • Get ready for the adventure by making your bet before takeoff!
  • Take a chance and wait for the odds to improve – you could win up to 10,000x from your original bet!
  • Park your plane before it explodes – you can do it by hand or use autoplay mode.
Aviatrix Bet
Aviatrix Bet

Aviatrix Game Main Features

Plane Experience

You will receive 1 exp point for each €1.00 (or equivalent valued currency) bet on the planes. NFT planes use conversion rates for other currencies to make it easier. For example, you will receive 1 point after 10 bets if they are €0.10 (0.1 EUR, $0.10) amount

🎮 Game TitleAviatrix
💻 Game TypeCrash Game
📅Release Date2022
🚀 ThemeAirship
📉Min bet$0.1
📈Max bet$10
💎 RTP97%
🕹️ Demo GameYes: Aviatrix Slot Free Play

Reach New Level

By progressing to a higher level, you unlock the ability to add a new feature to your plane. This adds both visual interests and makes your plane more unique. The rules of flying and betting remain unchanged.

Auto bet

The “Auto” switch allows you to make your bets automatically.

Auto cashout

Enter the specific odds you desire in the field next to your bet amount to cash out automatically.

What Aviatrix Offers to Players

Bonus for Those Who Are Familiar with NFT

Using their own aircraft, which is basically an Aviatrix NFT, players compete against each other. It can be customized and upgraded as needed, and also allows access to rewards distribution. This integration doesn’t bother or significantly concern those who are not interested in it.

Aviatrix Game
Aviatrix Casino

Unique loyalty mechanics

Gamers are rewarded for their loyalty in the form of in-game credits/cash. This is based on how much progress they make as well as their activity levels within the game.

Some examples of loyalty mechanics:

  • With Aviatrix gaming pool mechanics, you can get cashback rewards every day.
  • The retention mechanics offered by Aviatrix Bet are some of the best in the market.

Additional rewards for NFT planes holders

There are two requirements a player must meet in order to participate in the daily tournament:

  • The Player has made at least one bet with an NFT aircraft within the past 24 hours.
  • If The Player has already claimed a reward, he cannot claim another until his current active period is up.

Stage 1

There is a 25% chance that any given NFT aircraft will be the winner of the daily tournament. The probability of an individual being chosen as a winner depends on how many bets they made using their respective NFT within the past day. Higher numbers increase your likelihood of winning.

Every 24 hours, an airplane has a chance to participate. The more minimum turnover it acquires, the more chances it has to participate.

Stage 2

The amount an aircraft wins in the daily tournament depends on its overall game experience – the more experienced the aircraft, the greater the reward.

We will award the top three winners of the tournament with prizes that total 1000 EUR. The amount each individual winner receives will be based on their lifetime experience flying airplanes.

Where to Play Aviatrix Bet

If you’re looking for a fun time, Aviatrix is the perfect casino game for you. With so many casinos online, it can be tough to choose just one, but rest assured that the list of casinos below will give you an experience unlike any other.

Play Aviatrix at Mostbet Casino

Mostbet Casino offers the unique Aviatrix games, which allows users to play with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT). Playing this game provides players with the opportunity to unlock exclusive bonuses and rewards by using their NFT airplanes. Additionally, its Play-To-Earn mechanics allow for even more profit potential. Explore this exciting new gaming world today with Aviatrix Mostbet!

Mostbet Casino is offering an unbeatable bonus of 100% up to $300, plus 250 free spins, to all new players. This generous offer gives you the chance to double your deposit and take advantage of the free spins to maximize your chances of scoring big wins.

Play Aviatrix at 1Win Casino

1Win Casino is offering a 500% bonus on the first four deposits. It also offers daily tournaments and a great selection of bonuses.

Play Aviatrix at Pin Up Casino

If you’re looking for a new casino to play with, Pin Up offers an incredible welcome bonus. New players can receive up to $500 plus 250 free spins just by making their first deposit! So if you’re thinking about playing Aviatrix, this is the perfect opportunity to get ahead of the game.

Aviatrix Play at GG.Bet

GG.Bet is an online casino that offers a 100% match on your first deposit, up to $200, as well as 25 free spins when you sign up today!

Play Aviatrix at BC.Game

By signing up with BC.Game, you’re guaranteed to get more value for your money. They offer 180% of your first deposit to use on the Aviatrix game as an incentive for new players.

Play Aviatrix at Play Fortuna Casino

Sign up with Play Fortuna today and receive 50 free spins as well as a 100% bonus on your first deposit of up to $500 that you can use on the Aviatrix game.

Play Aviatrix at betObet

Join Aviatrix today at betObet Casino and receive a 100% bonus on your first deposit (up to $500). With this influx of cash, you’ll have plenty more opportunities to gamble and WIN.

Aviatrix Predictor

The Aviatrix predictor is a tool or system purported to forecast outcomes within the Aviatrix game, which is a betting game involving a virtual aircraft. Predictors like these are often marketed with claims that they can improve a player’s odds by analyzing historical data or using probabilistic algorithms to guess future results more accurately. However, the reliability of such predictors is highly questionable as the games are designed to be random and unpredictable, with their algorithms kept confidential by the operators. It’s important for players to approach these predictors with skepticism and to be aware of the risks involved in relying on such tools for gambling strategies.


Aviatrix is an amazing game with a unique loyalty reward system. The combination of loyalty mechanics, pool rewards, and tournaments make Aviatrix one of the most entertaining games to play. Whether you’re looking for a wild time or just some extra cash, Aviatrix Bet offers it all! So if you’re planning on playing crash casino games, make sure to give Aviatrix Bet a try! Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


What is the highest multiplier at Aviatrix?

The highest multiplier available at Aviatrix is 10,000X.

What is the minimum bet I can place?

The minimum bet at Aviatrix is 0.1 USD.

How often do the tournaments take place?

Tournaments at Aviatrix take place every 24 hours. The top three players in each tournament can win a huge prize.

Is Aviatrix safe game?

Yes, Aviatrix is a safe and secure game. All information stored and transmitted by the casino is encrypted and protected with the latest security technologies. Additionally, all transactions are processed through trusted payment gateways.

Can I play Aviatrix for free?

Yes, you can play an Aviatrix demo version for free.

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