Crash games have become increasingly popular among casino enthusiasts, drawing in gamblers from all corners of the globe with their simple but enthralling gameplay. "AstroBoomers: To the Moon!" represents FunFair's unique spin on this favored genre.
  • Unique Theme: The space-themed backdrop adds a refreshing twist to the traditional crash games, making it a captivating experience.
  • High RTP: With an RTP of 97.64%, players have a comparatively higher return on their bets.
  • Versatility: Suitable for both casual players and seasoned gamblers, offering varied betting ranges from $0.10 to $1,000.
  • Engaging Graphics: Detailed visuals of rockets, meteors, and astronauts, combined with the dynamic backdrop, elevate the gaming experience.
  • Lack of Traditional Slot Features: Missing typical slot elements like free spins, wilds, or bonus rounds which some players might miss.

Astroboomers: An In-Depth Game Analysis & Features 2023

Crash games have gained significant traction among casino aficionados, captivating gamblers worldwide with their straightforward yet captivating mechanics. “AstroBoomers: To the Moon!” is FunFair’s rendition of this beloved format. While it aligns with the essential features of other games in this category, its unique theme sets it apart.

Game Basics

For those unacquainted with crash games, their roots trace back to the realm of crypto casinos and have been a hot trend ever since. Most of these games share a foundational principle: a growing multiplier reaches an unpredictable limit. The players must guess its peak and exit the game before an eventual crash. In “AstroBoomers: To the Moon!”, the narrative revolves around dodging meteor showers while escaping Earth. The challenge? Depart your rocket before a meteor destroys it. It sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Game NameAstroBoomers: To the Moon!
ProviderFunFair Technologies
Release DateApril 2021
Game TypeCrash game
Max Win2,500,000
Min & Max Bet$0.10 – $1,000
Supported PlatformsDesktop, Mobile, Tablet

But, akin to other crash games, “AstroBoomers: To the Moon!” taps into fundamental human instincts. It poses a dilemma: exit late and face a loss, but leave too early, and potential larger rewards elude you. Success in this game hinges on a mix of strategic thinking and a good dose of gut feeling.

Astroboomers isn’t your typical slot. The moment it loads, it presents a different interface, pushing the boundaries of standard slots. Your adventure begins with a simple spin. As you journey through space, earning rewards becomes a thrilling endeavor. And if you’re fortunate, extraterrestrial beings might just come your way. The game is all about boarding a rocket and feeling that adrenaline surge. But space is unpredictable, and decisions need to be strategic.

Astroboomers Game Review
Astroboomers Game Review

RTP & Game Dynamics

Astroboomers offers an impressive RTP of 97%. Volatility, however, is a dynamic entity. The number of astronauts you send on the mission influences game dynamics, granting players a measure of control.

AstroBoomers: To the Moon! – Demo Overview

The demo version of “AstroBoomers: To the Moon!” offers players a chance to experience the thrill of this popular crash game without any financial commitments. It’s the perfect avenue for both newcomers to understand the game mechanics and for seasoned gamblers to refine their strategies.


  • Simulated Gameplay: Dive into the game’s captivating narrative of dodging meteor showers and escaping Earth. Remember, the objective is to depart your rocket before a meteor ends your journey!
  • Virtual Credits: The demo provides a set number of virtual credits, allowing players to place bets, strategize, and understand the payout system without real monetary stakes.
  • Full Game Mechanics: Experience all the features, graphics, and gameplay mechanics, just like in the full version. The demo aims to give players an authentic feel of what to expect.
  • Guided Tutorials: For beginners, the demo version offers step-by-step guidance, ensuring that they grasp the fundamental concepts of the game.
  • Feedback System: After trying out the demo, players can offer feedback or report any glitches they might encounter. This not only helps improve the game but also enhances user experience for potential future players.

Benefits of the Demo

  • Risk-Free Exploration: Players can familiarize themselves with the game’s mechanics without the anxiety of losing real money.
  • Strategic Practice: With the demo, both newcomers and experienced players can hone their strategies, experimenting with when to exit the game for maximum rewards.
  • Engaging Entertainment: Even without the monetary aspect, “AstroBoomers: To the Moon!” remains a thrilling game to experience, ensuring hours of entertainment.

Engaging Dynamics

The game is beautifully engineered to provide sheer entertainment with an added dash of uncertainty. Players must place their bets before embarking on their space voyage. On boarding the rocket, participants can interact through a unique emoji chat, enhancing the gaming experience without influencing individual outcomes.

AstroBoomers Bets
AstroBoomers Bets

How to Play Astroboomers

Commanding your own astronaut team, you decide how many members soar to the stars. Before ignition, select your bet size, with an upper limit of 100 credits. As you prepare, your animated counterpart awaits on the launch pad, the majestic moon in sight.

With the game set in motion, a dramatic countdown ensues. As your rocket propels, meteorites threaten your journey. The challenge? Deciding the perfect moment for your astronauts to evacuate the spacecraft as it hurtles towards the moon. Players with a keen sense of timing, coupled with a dash of luck, achieve the best outcomes.

For those who prefer a more measured approach, an auto-pilot option is available, automating decisions based on pre-set targets.

Key Rules:

  • Aim for the highest multiplier, ejecting before a potential explosion.
  • Countdowns dictate betting stages, showcasing time left for the upcoming round.
  • Bet a minimum of once, and at most thrice, without exceeding 100 credits.
  • Utilize bet selectors to switch to AUTO, or use the “EJECT” to ensure a win.

Game Functions:

  • Menu Button: Access game settings and regulations.
  • “BET” Button: Browse possible bet amounts.
  • “AUTO” Button: Define target amounts for automated ejection.
  • Emoji Chat Button: Engage in real-time chat.
  • “CANCEL” & “REBET” Buttons: Modify bet amounts and define auto-eject rounds.
  • Flight History: Track previous multipliers to strategize future plays.
  • Audio Button: Control game sounds.
Where to Play Astroboomers
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Visuals & Audio

The backdrop of the Astroboomers slot is artistically crafted in varying tones of blue, creating a captivating view. Amidst this serene setting, players will spot the subtle sparkle of distant stars and the intense rush of flaming meteors streaking across the display, elements that become more focal as the game advances.

This game boasts dual visual experiences. In the initial scenario, a rocket prepares for take-off as an eager group of potential astronauts queue up, awaiting their selection. Once chosen, these astronauts exhibit joy and excitement as they dash and leap onto the platform, boarding the rocket. It’s easy to identify your astronauts, thanks to their distinct yellow color, making them stand out both within the rocket and when you decide to eject them later.

The subsequent scene delves into the rocket’s thrilling voyage through the cosmos, with the ever-present danger of being struck by a blazing meteor. Successfully ejecting any astronauts will result in them making a swift exit from the rocket during this phase.

Astroboomers by FunFair Games
Astroboomers by FunFair Games

Symbols and Rewards

Astroboomers redefines gaming rewards. Rather than relying on symbols, it employs a unique payout mechanism. Players must eject before collision to earn their winnings. Payouts vary, starting at a modest 0.10 and scaling up to a whopping 100 credits. All rewards pivot around the multiplier at your ejection moment, with a max multiplier of 2500x your bet.

Bonuses & Perks

Astroboomers does away with traditional bonuses. Instead, it emphasizes interactive decision-making and boasts a potentially lucrative payout. So, while free spins might be off the table, players can still expect thrilling returns.


Whether you’re on a desktop browser or using a dedicated app, Astroboomers ensures seamless gameplay. It’s finely tuned for mobile web browsers, supporting both Android and iOS devices, making it the ideal game for both stationary and on-the-go enjoyment.

Game Developers

Behind every stellar game lie visionary developers. Astroboomers owes its existence to two major software providers:

  • FunFair Technologies: An avant-garde gaming studio determined to redefine casino gaming.
  • Spearhead Studios: An entity renowned for developing and distributing diverse titles.
AstroBoomers Crash
AstroBoomers Crash


AstroBoomers: To the Moon! combines innovative gameplay with mesmerizing graphics to deliver a crash game that stands out in the casino world. Its unique space-themed backdrop and intuitive game mechanics resonate well with both casual players and seasoned gamblers. The soundtrack further amplifies the game’s immersive nature, ensuring players are hooked from start to finish. Whether you’re evading meteors or calculating the perfect moment to cash out, this game promises hours of thrilling gameplay.


What is AstroBoomers: To the Moon! about?

It's a crash game with a space theme where players try to predict a growing multiplier and cash out before it crashes.

How do the graphics and soundtrack enhance the gameplay?

The game has detailed graphics that show rockets, meteors, and astronauts in action. The soundtrack complements the space theme, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Where did crash games originate?

Crash games originated in the crypto casino world.

How do you play AstroBoomers?

The objective is to predict how much the multiplier will grow and cash out before it crashes. If meteors hit the rocket, the game ends.

What makes AstroBoomers different from other crash games?

AstroBoomers offers a unique space-themed skin, differentiating it from other crash games in the market.

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