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JetLucky 2 is a Multiplier Game set on a battlefield over open water. Bet on a fighter jet before it takes off and as it moves forward, the bet multiplier increases, and you must decide whether to cash out or hold on for a larger payout before the jet explodes. Multiplayer functionality allows you to follow the actions of others betting on the same round. May you be victorious!
JetX stands apart from many other games by offering unlimited earning potential, making it an attractive option for gamblers in search of lucrative opportunities. While the game involves risk and depends on luck, there are specific strategies and tips that can substantially enhance your chances of winning significant amounts.
A game for anyone that loves to travel and loves even more to win big! Thundercrash will take you on an adventure through the skies where Multipliers and huge Payouts are commonplace! Soar high into the air and stay up as long as you can, as the longer you fly - the bigger your Prize will be!
The fastest, easiest and the most rewarding game - Zeppelin is live now! Place a bet, wait for a successful Zeppelin flight and grab your big win whenever you want! Multiplier range is from 1.00 till infinity. Play now and take the biggest wins with Zeppelin.
The Aviator is a popular money game developed by Spribe on several famous websites. With a coefficient of up to x100, you may win big money. Players in the game get the most pleasure and have the opportunity to make a lot of money in little time.